WOW update – Donovan returns to Havana

Of the nine satellite-tagged Ospreys that we’re following as part of this year’s World Osprey Week, three of them have already set-off on their spring migration. Earlier today Kayleigh reported on the steady progress of 30 across the Sahara and we now have an update on two of the American birds from Iain MacLeod. He takes up the story…

Donovan has arrived on the outskirts of Havana, Cuba…exactly where he went last year. This is a little unusual for our Ospreys. Most make the short hop over to Florida from further east in Cuba, but last year Donovan spent a few days around Havana and then made a 490 overwater flight over the eastern side of the Gulf of Mexico and nearly missed Florida all together. Why? . . . we don’t know. We’ll see if Donovan does the same again this year.

Donovan 031815

Donovan 031815 Havana

Donovan's unusual flight to Florida last year

Belle, meanwhile, is now just a day away from the northern coast of Venezuela having already covered 1400 miles from her wintering site in Brazil.

Belle has already flown 1400 miles from Brazil

Belle has already flown 1400 miles from Brazil

Thanks to Iain for the update. Don’t forget that you can check out the current locations of all the WOW Ospreys on our interactive map.