Yesterday at Lyndon Centre

Yesterday was another great day in the Lyndon Centre,Lizzie and I started the morning by finishing off the Kestrel Camera installation.Then we opened up to the usual rush of people coming to see the Rutland Ospreys.

We were not let down by 5R,while his faithful female was tidying up their nest 5R had taken an excursion to the artificial nest opposite the Lyndon Visitor Centre, he was soon joined by 00(09), 5R took a look over his shoulder and when he thought it was safe took advantage of the young female.His euphoria was soon shattered when his female noticed he was missing,and chased off the young pretender. Sorry you will have to find a man of your own.

One response to “Yesterday at Lyndon Centre”

  1. Marie & Paul


    My partner & I visited on the Ospray hide on Friday and it was a wonderful experience. Over the past 3 years I have become somewhat obsessed with birds of pray and trying to spot them. We walked to the hide and I must admit I was a little nervous when I slid the door open to see all you ‘professional bird’ people there!!….However you all made us most welcome and kindly let us use your equipment. So I would just like to say a big thank you and I am dragging Paul back next weekend to visit again! (this time I will bring my cheap binoculars!)

    Wising you (and the lovely Osprays) every bit of luck!