Your trout or mine?

Anyone who visits an Osprey nest at this time of year will know that they are usually very noisy places; the incessant food-begging of the juveniles can create a a real din. This is usually the case in Manton Bay, but today things have been quieter than usual. This is not because the juveniles have been venturing elsewhere, just that they’ve had a lot of fish. If you’ve been watching the webcam you’ll know that there has been fish on the nest all day. 5R brought two large trout to the nest this morning and they have kept the chicks well-fed all day. The two youngsters are now adept at feeding themselves and the two of them have been taking it in turns to tuck into the fish. This hasn’t stopped the food-begging altogether, but it has definitely kept things a little more sedate and peaceful than usual!

8F takes his turn eating the trout, while 9F looks on

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    Re: Site B webcam. Thanks to everyone involved in this great work. Our family and friends have been watching over the last month or so, and find the comings and goings of the chicks fascinating. Keep up the good work!